Welcome to ShibLuck

Enter the pool to participate in the new plan through the invited main domain. anyone needs to know about the company, help others get to know your team, product or company better..
How to use it?
When is opened, go to the homepage to stake the pool. The community does not provide an API open interface for the time being, and participants need to get an invitation link. Otherwise pool staking will not be possible. We look forward to having you as part of our community.ission & Focus and work down from there! We recommend reading everything through in one sitting and then revisiting and re-reading if you need to.
ShibLuck & Shib Consensus Community is an eco-driven plan, where community co-builders form a club through DOGGY DAO. It aims at Shib's de-zero plan, increased liquidity, increased currency holding addresses, increased interaction volume on the chain, ecological expansion, and WEB3.0 development. a new change request and submit it for review. The People team will review it soon after.